Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Framed Pastel Landscape Companion Piece.

Here is the second framed pastel landscape.  Like the first one I wrote of in my last post, it is 30 x 40 cms (12 x 16"), soft pastel on a Colourfix Plein Air Board.  The underpainting was dry pastel rubbed in to the sanded surface of the Colourfix board.  This one is called "Delatite River - Autumn".

I ran out of the thin foamcore for backing, so had to use plain old mat board.  It's a long way to the nearest town and I would have had to try and wheedle some foamcore out of the framer, supposing he had some of the thinner stuff,  -  and pay accordingly!  Try as I might, I could not get the flexible points in the back of the frame using the fatter foamcore or very thin sealed MDF.  Again I have used an off white outer mat and a dark green inner mat plus a hidden third layer of matting against the painting to prevent the pastel dust falling on the outer mat.

All this framing flurry is due to an upcoming exhibition and sales thingy in a country town about 150 kms from where I live.  I've entered six paintings and with the current financial climate, even though Australia is better off than the rest of the Western world, people are not spending.  I do not expect to sell anything, but it will be a nice drive with congenial friends to drop off and pick our the art work. When you live in the "bush" you take you pleasures simply and wherever you find them!

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